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Macallen Building / designed by Office dA / Boston

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Ok, as a swimmer, I’m still not over how technically correct his dive is! Most actors struggle with getting perfect streamlines when diving but Jensen’s is beautiful. And his head is even in perfect alignment; eyes focused on where he’s going rather than simply ducking his head into streamline as he goes into a sloppy dive the way most actors do. Jensen is just so universally athletically capable and it makes me happy^.^

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Someone asked whether it was difficult to play a character like Dean, who has so many walls built up around him all the time. Jensen said yes, and that he tries to find times when Dean would let the walls down a little. He puts them up or takes them down depending on who he’s with. A room full of strangers? Walls go up. With people he knows well – his brother, Bobby, Cas – the walls come down more.

Jensen said he tries to take them down when he can because he thinks that’s compelling, when you have a character who’s so walled up, to show him vulnerable sometimes. He does that with Dean’s humor, for example.



QuestionStalking ur blog looking at ur tags but yes I also think Jared is the biggest asshole ever. Answer



lol! Yeah, I’m not a fan of him personally. I like him just fine as an actor but he strikes me as a dudebro, jock, meanguy kind of asshole. Like he gets off on making fun of people. I’ve never liked people like that.

Also, that fucking beanie. For the love of god, WHY?

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A slip of paper tells a story. A receipt marks a moment in time, a transaction between two people, a pleasant conversation. There is a date, a time, a place, an action, a thing, a name. We filled our car with petrol, we bought snacks and water, we got coffee and chocolate, we stretched our legs, we asked for directions, we ate a meal, we spent the night. It reminds us of something that happened. When lined-up chronologically and gently clipped to a string stretched across a wall, the slips form a pattern and they compose a story like sentences in a book. 

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its 2015 and everyone still hates me

It’s 2014

just planning ahead

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for the last few seasons tho like where is the truth that sam even gives a fuck about dean?  90% of the time he’s just resentful and awful to him and blames him for fucking everything

i had sam and dean feelings in the finale with the whole “what happened to you being okay with this (me dying)?” “i lied” thing but now it just piSSES ME OFF JFC GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SAM, HOLY SHIT dean is walking around all the time believing sam doesn’t give a shit about him bECAUSE HE ACTS LIKE HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HIM


and then next season sam will probably blame dean for becoming a demon or s/t and we’re supposed to sympathize with sam bc dean worked with crowley (what is a ruby) and didn’t give sam enough attention (like how sam became suicidal over the course of like 4 eps bc dean made a friend)

fuck everything!!!!!!!!!

(i have trouble believing s9 cas cares about dean, but that’s a post for another day)


When to say “Du” or “Sie” - a Visual Guide


Supernatural Infographic: The Many Deaths of Sam and Dean

- Dean (x)


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