when books make you cry like fuck you book you’re a stack of paper

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Normal:  “You’re bleeding”

Alec:  “Yeah bullets will do that to ya”

Dean Winchester - Preparation for role checklist

✓ Jensen Ackles

✓ Voluptuous lips

✓ Looks good in leather

✓ Badassery

✓ Scowl 

✓ Infinite charm

✓ Can fight/defend himself and others

✓ Awesome acting - ie. humor, angst*, etc.

✓ Turns straight guys at least a little gay (Normal)


"I think in the totality of the whole series, in the journey that has been the Winchester brothers [Dean] is proud of them. There have been some ups and downs, there have been some faults and mistakes made along the way but if it was 60% good and 40% bad, then the pendulum is swinging in the right direction and he’s proud. And he’s proud that they did what they did and fought how they fought and made the waves that they made and hung in there as long as they did. And he was resigning, that was his resignation, he was like listen: no matter what happened, at the end of the day I’m proud of us, I’m proud that we stuck in there, and hung in there and we fought the fight."
— Jensen Ackles on the gravity and meaning of “I’m proud of us” [x] (via deanwuvzhugz)

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West Harlem Architecture

Heaven and Hell by ScreamoEmoFreak

Heaven and Hell by ScreamoEmoFreak



dean meme: four reoccuring themes [2/4] » the prettiest hunter in all the land

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Anonymous Asked
QuestionEveryone in fandom already talks about bisexual Dean 24/7. All you Destiel shippers don't really give a fuck about representation. Hypocrite. Answer


…..What? Was this meant for me…? I’m nothing close to being a Destiel shipper - but wow who the fuck are you to make this kind of presumptuous, mean-spirited accusation about the motivations of an entire group of fans? Oh that’s right. Someone who is too cowardly to voice an opinion without hiding behind a mask of anonymity. Where is your evidence for making this claim? You don’t have any - which is why you’ve resorted to name calling and anonymous bullying. Even you must know you are full of shit. 

Is this because I signal boosted the queer Dean month post…? Which is not even a Destiel event? I honestly don’t understand what the fuck is happening here lol. 


dean winchester meme

↳ favorite outfits [1/6] - gym teacher tracksuit