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i cant stop fuckjng laughing


One side of the road is Germany, the other is Netherlands.

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CROWLEY: The mark needs to be sated. Otherwise…
DEAN: …otherwise, I turn into a demon.

Man but I’ve been thinking about this way too bloody hard. Like - what? Dean IS a demon, isn’t he? And - wasn’t it supposed to be that the reason for feeding the mark was to keep him from dying? And now he’s dead, why still that need?

Well, a dozen ironed shirts later I’ve found an answer that works for me.

In 9.23 Crowley told Dean that he needs to kill to stay alive. But Cain had the mark, stopped killing and didn’t die. Ah, but he’s a demon, Crowley said. So, now Dean’s a demon - or so we all thought, given the black eyes and all, and he still needs to feed the mark, only now not to stay alive, because he’s dead anyway. No, now apparently he needs to kill if he doesn’t want to BECOME A DEMON. What??

IS he a demon or isn’t he? Well, I think, at this moment he’s Schrödinger’s demon in that he both IS and ISN’T.

The major difference between Dean and Cain was that Cain HAD SOLD HIS SOUL to Lucifer. And in exchange he got the animal jawbone (which, being the weapon to kill Abel, became the First Blade) and the mark. When Cain found about the mark’s side effect, he decided to rather kill himself than becoming a mass murderer. But - as Crowley told Dean - the mark “never quite let go”. All through the hiatus I was of the belief that this meant Cain became a demon/Knight of Hell.

Now, however, I take it to mean that the mark DIDN’T LET HIM DIE . And, having sold his soul to Lucifer, Cain became an instant demon. No choice, no in-between, no Schrödinger’s demon.

Dean got the mark from Cain. It was transferred to him without a deal. Dean was still in charge of his own soul. So, once he died, the mark didn’t “let go” - i.e. he didn’t stay dead after Metatron killed him. Yet, he didn’t instantly become a demon like Cain. He can still choose.

The mark works in funny ways, it seems:

CAIN: (…) But you have to know with the mark comes a great burden. Some would call it a great cost.

The mark has to be sated. The bearer of the mark has to kill to stay alive. Even if that is not what he accepted the mark for, even if he is not that way inclined generally. Even dying/killing yourself is no way out - either you’re an instant demon, like Cain, or you’re in a state of flux, like Dean, where you have a choice of a) killing to avoid becoming a full demon of b) becoming a demon. Catch-22.

And that just gave me a headache, because how does it make sense that you HAVE TO KEEP KILLING in order NOT to become a demon?? One would think that the more you kill the sooner you turn into a demon. But then I had an epiphany: who was it that came up with the idea of the mark? Huh? Right - Lucifer himself. And if this isn’t a piece of diabolical evilness: a person accepts the mark from Lucifer (or, as it happens, gets it transferred to himself) because they want something “good”. Cain wanted to save his little brother’s soul, Dean wanted to save the world from Abaddon. Both didn’t think far enough ahead to figure out what this might mean in the long run.

The way I see it is that if Dean decides to pick his human side he is forced to keep killing. Should he decide to stop killing, he’ll become a full demon. (Unless Sammy finds a way to cure him.)

What does Crowley get out of all of this? One would think he’d be all for Dean becoming a full demon - at least he would be able to control him then, right?

But I think Crowley, ever since getting a taste of humanity, seriously wants Dean to be his BFF. He’s got enough minions who are afraid of him and who only stay with him because he is their king. He wants this one person to be with him out of their own free will, and he wants to be loved by this person. Of course he blew that chance when he tried to order Dean around. Can’t have it both ways, Crowley. Can’t have Dean be your “best friend” and expect him to act as your lackey at the same time. Well, sucks to be king of Hell.

And I somehow don’t think the First Blade or rather having to let go of it should prove a problem for Dean. If he wants or needs to kill he can surely manage without the Blade. It was never said that the killing has to be done with the Blade, and Cain seemed to be doing just fine for himself without it. The way I see it, the only purpose of the Blade is that it is a tool that can either make a Knight of Hell of kill them.

So, even if Dean shouldn’t get cured (which I don’t think is going to happen, Sam will make sure of that), I think Dean could - just like Cain - eventually overcome his demon-ness through the power of love.


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Still about the title “Reichenbach”

I love how there were so many confrontations between “nemesises” (what a word lol) in the episode:

Dean - Crowley

Sam - Dean

Crowley - Sam

Cole - Dean

Hannah - Metatron

Cas - Metatron

Dean - Lester

demon!Dean - human!Dean

I love how they get me thinking, coming up with theories, coming up with more theories, and most of all just keeping my mind occupied with this bloody show :D